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Company presentation

Team Plating Hungary Ltd. was founded on December 15, 2010 by Tibor Adrian Kormoczi and Eric William Joseph. Our company deals with metal surface treatment technologies, which can be successfully applied in many fields of the automotive industry, interior design, and exclusive gift items. 

Our location is in the 16th district in the former Ikarus Park factory. We had built a 1200 square meter leased area. In the first half of 2012, 2 production lines were assembled, and in March, our company obtained the necessary licenses for its operation. In 2013, we obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 TÜV certificates. During April, we installed our own laboratory, which enabled us to continue quality control on our clients' behalf. The laboratory equipment includes a salt chamber, automatic and manual layer thickness gauge to test the treated pieces for compliance with legal regulations and the expectations of our clients. At the same time, the chemicals we use are under constant control to comply with health and environmental regulations. In July 2012 we installed an air purification system, after which the first test production was done. Followed by this was our water purification system was installed successful in September.

From June, we started to select and train the workforce, and at the same time, we also started visiting potential customers. By the end of November, we got all the licenses needed to commence our operation. The quality of our samples and the pricing we offer has convinced several well-known companies like Suzuki, which have further deepened relations since the start of production in November 2013. We are expecting to supply all our clients with the quality and effiency. 


(Left:) Our office (Right:) Entrance to our facility

automata gyártósor

Our production lines