Electroplating is a concept that includes all the surface treatment technologies by applying another layer of metal surface by electrolytic means. Galvanization is a highly efficient process that not only plays a significant role in corrosion protection but can also significantly improve the aesthetic effect of treated surfaces. All metal objects that are good electric conductors, can be electroplated because the electrolytic process, as its name suggests, is carried out by means of electric current.
Our company offers three kinds of colors for customers: yellow, blue and black. We can not only chromate metals, but also aluminum. Our production lines with Ultrasonic equipment ensure consistent quality.
automata gyártósorautomata gyártósor

The dimensions of the baths used for nickel plating are 1800 mm long, 1500 mm deep and 400 mm wide.Over the past period, it has become clear to us that our activities are needed in the Hungarian market. Our advantage is that we are easily accessible - our Budapest center is favorable for our customers. The expertise of our team and collaboration with with our South African co-founder enabled us to guarantee  quality work. We pay a great deal of attention to the training of our staff, and our automated production lines. The ultrasonic vibrating equipment provides high quality Nickel + Chrome metal surface treatment on aluminum. Using this unique technique, Team Plating Hungary is proud to say that it is the only company in Hungary to use this technology.

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