Our Clients


  • Arkivator AB Sweden: Chroming parts of Volvo vehicles and Husqvarna agricultural machines. We carry out black, blue and yellow passivation.

  • Thumm & Co. Maschninenbau GmbH: Chromating and Nickeling of Staircase pieces made of Metal and Aluminum

  • Suzuki motors: Our biggest achievement is our supplier contract with Suzuki, based on which our company carries out the nickel treatment for Suzuki’s headsets,

  • Titan'94 Ltd: We carry out blue passivation of some of their metal parts

  • Tellus Ltd: blue and yellow passivation.

  • Promt Ltd: Blue Passivation

  • Vestfrost Ltd: (Red Bull Cooling Rail Chromating and Nickeling)

  • Klammer Légtechnikai Ltd: blue passivation

  • Mode Art - New Design Kft - Hungary